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Join us on Saturday Evening Weekly @ 18:00 pm (UK Time)
for Live Prayer Sessions on Zoom, Facebook,
YouTube & Periscope

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Join us on Friday Night Weekly
@ 11:00 pm (UK Time) for
Live Prayer Sessions on Zoom,
Facebook, YouTube & Periscope

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[Ezra 8:23 (ESV) So we fasted and implored our God for this, and he listened to our entreaty.
Luke 18:12 (ESV) I fast twice a week; I give tithes of all that I get.]
We encourage our community participants and partners to engage in fasting alongside prayers (however if
you have health issues that will affect your ability to participate you are encouraged NOT to paricipate in the
weekly fasting.

Contact us Our Weekly Fasting Days are Wednesdays & Fridays Ministeries
CHURCH WITHOUT WALLS join via ZOOM contact us

Join us on Sunday Evening Weekly
@ 16:00 pm (UK Time) for Global
Virtual Church Without Walls on Zoom,

To Insure Your Future
With the Word of God?

Find out how you can join us on the great commission to propagate the Gospel
of Jesus to equip and build people who will extend the kingdom of God culture
and exercise their divine authority on earth.

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Spiritual & Physical Growth

We share the Word of God in simplicity and truth to ehance growth.

Soul Winning & Evangelism

Our events and conference are for soul winning and equipping.

Apostolic & Prophetic Insights

Our Ministrations are for edification, comfort, and encouragement.

Divine Healing & Deliverance

Ministeries, Businesses, Individuals, Families have been impacted here.

Matthew 28:19 (ESV)

Our Mission is to make disciples of all nations...

Our Ministry continues to equip and build people who will extend the kingdom of God culture and exercise their divine authority on earth. 

Our Foundation

”In the last days, the mountain of the LORD’s house will be the highest of all— the most important place on earth. It will be raised above the other hills, and people from all over the world will stream there to worship”. (Micah 4:1-2, Isaiah 2:2-3).

MOL is an inter-denominational Christian Ministry  founded on the Prophetic word of God and Overseen by the Holy Spirit. And have Leadership, Advisors, and Boards to ensure the smooth delivery of its activities. The Scripture is the basic inspiration of our faith.







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Ministry Departments

MOL Purpose Driven Prayer

Our Virtual Prayer Mountain host Prophetic Prayer Session Every Friday Night (22:00pm London, UK Time) & Saturday Evening (18:00pm London, UK Time) via Facebook Live, Youtube etc. Our Sessions have recorded amazing testimonies of Divine healing, deliverance, breakthroughs... etc to the Glory of God.

MOL Church Without Walls

We look forward to Welcoming you from the Nations of the world every Sunday at our Virtual Church Without Walls from 16:00pm – 17:30pm, for Faith Strengthening Revelations, Teachings, Prayer, Worship, Testimonies, Thanksgiving, Prophetic Insights, Impartations, Healing, the presence of God.

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Are you passionate about souls?

Why Join Our Global 5-Fold Ministry Alliance.

We are a Tribe who Loves God and has been commissioned to reach out to our generation with the word of God. Are you an individual, church group, minister, ministry or business entity...etc looking to align with the like minded people to pray, learn, and grow with?

We aim to raise people, who will become pastors, evangelists, prophets, Apostles, teachers and kingdom minded marketplace leaders and business people in the Continents of the earth. Mountain of the Lord (Global Empowering Centre) is not another religious group seeking to form a Network or membership club. We are a family of radical faith filled believers united with the goal to fulfil the Great Commission mandate of Jesus Christ. We also welcome volunteers to join our team.

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We are aimed at raising a reminant of Spirit-filled believers, we are committed to reach believers all around the world through prayer, anointed preaching, teaching and worship. Enjoy unlimited support, from our team by joining us.

I declare today that the blood of Jesus will stand as a shield in the lives of persecuted christian all over the world and the Grace of our Lord Jesus, will continuously disarm the strategies of the enemy.

Prayer For You - 1

I declare today that your eyes shall be fixed on God, who watches over His own. He will guide you, help you, shield you, protect you, provide for you, impart you with wisdom to direct your steps.

Prayer For You - 2

I declare today that the hearts of my divinely appointed helpers are opening up to favour me in Jesus name. (David asked, ''Is there anyone left in the house of Saul to whom I can show kindness for Jonathan's sake?'' 2 Samuel 9:1)

Prayer For You - 3

I declare today that the strongholds of fear is broken off my life, henceforth as I apply my faith in God's words I shall see the manifested power of God at work in my life.

Prayer For You - 4